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What year does this take place in FFXIII-2?
It takes place in the year 500.

Can my character leave?
Yes and No. They can leave sometimes but if they do not return some weird time change will happen, as long as they come back the time in their world is partially put on hold.

What would our characters do for money?
Just think of a job or something for your character to do. It's completely open to her.

For Characters from FFXIII!
Your character is well aware of what has happened and is stuck living in 500 AF, so they cannot go back for some reason due to the minor damage to the Historia Crux.

Do you have events?
Yes! Probably once a month or two times, maybe more!

What is your plan for the Storyline.
My plan is to go AU off the canon path and resolve some of the situations that happened.

I played FFXIII-2! How can we play in 500AF?
They are currently in 500AF where time does not move. For the first event, all the characters wake up in the city but most are not aware of what has happened.

What do the character use for the [comm] community?
They use an advanced version of an iphone, it does video, phone and sometimes malfunctions for accidental stuff too. It's all connected and you can put messages to certain characters to keep it private between them.

In the community, you would put in the subject for who it is directed to.

How do our characters get there?
Your characters get there by a time gate called "The Historia Crux". The Historia Crux is the crossroads between the Time Gates. It is a separate dimension connecting one age to the next.

This surreal plane is said to be the border of the chaotic realm of Valhalla, and only those with an affinity for the power of chaos are able to use it to travel through time. Even the godlike fal'Cie are not free to enter the Historia Crux as they please.

The Historia Crux was accidentally damaged, allowing gates to show up where they want and to also distort other realms or universes. Your character accidentally was pulled and finds themselves within a different place entirely.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please add them here! I couldn't think of anything else to add!